Phishing Attacks on Facebook

Cybercriminals are finding new and better ways to use facebook to phish for potential victims.

Facebook has gone to great lengths to reduce spam, Fake News, phishing and other scams, but Facebook has risen to the second highest site for phishing attack, with Yahoo being the first .

A common phishing scheme on Facebook involves a cybercriminal using your account to post updates with links on your friends’ walls. When friends click such a link, they go to a fake Facebook login page. If they enter their email address and password, the cybercriminal can access their Facebook profiles and the personal information in their profiles.

Another way Hackers phish on Facebook, is by sending fake emails with “Facebook” as the sender. The email says that your password has been reset and provides an attachment that supposedly contains your updated information. The attachment is actually a malware program.

When you open the attachment, the malware installs on your PC. The software gathers not only your Facebook password but all other passwords used on your computer.

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